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Doctor's Appointment
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Your First Appointment

What to bring

  • Referral

  • X-rays, scans, test results

  • Records of previous surgery 

  • List of medications

  • Medicare card

  • Private Health Insurance details

Specialist appointments are usually made several weeks or months in advance. You will receive a text reminder 1-3 days prior to your appointment. Please ring immediately if you are not able to keep your appointment.  Late cancellations and failure to attend appointments mean other patients waiting for appointments cannot be offered earlier times. Inevitably, some patients have more complex problems that take longer to deal with than had been anticipated. We apologise if we keep you waiting for this reason.

We do ask that you arrive on time. If you are running late then many other patients may be inconvenienced during the day. We may not be able to see you if you arrive after your scheduled appointment time. New patients please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment. You may wish to ring to check that we are running on time.

What to expect

The doctor will discuss your condition and may perform an examination. For patients with bowel or anal symptoms this may involve a rectal examination. No preparation is required.

Your Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a day surgery procedure performed in hospital. You will receive bowel preparation and instructions at your consultation or after you book in for your colonoscopy.

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Your Operation

Most patients are admitted to the hospital on the day of surgery. Admission and fasting times will be advised by the hospital on the afternoon or evening prior to surgery.

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